The Happening

The Happening

The Happening

Long story short, I was getting ready to go to class because this morning was a lesson. Suddenly, my phone rang showing an email from academic administrations. They said that early March, all academic activity would be replaced online system from home. Because the coronavirus rose up dramatically. Since that issue, many people decided going back to home, but not for me to still stay here, whatever it takes. The first month, I went through with doing my normal activities and still ignored using masks when I went out. But the next month, when the Coronavirus had spread all in Indonesia, Yogyakarta atmosphere changed drastically which was usually all crowded activities to be quiet like a dead city. The police often patrol all day long through the area ignoring the government's appeal.

I lived in the village of Pogung, one of the suburbs of Yogyakarta City. After hearing the appeal about the dangers of the corona virus, the village leader immediately restricted the activities of its residents by building portals and guard posts near the village gate. Then every resident was recorded to ensure that no other residents enter without permission, especially migrants from the red zone area. Not only that, every resident who enters and leaves the village must be sprayed with disinfectant and wear a mask for common health. Every day there would be officers who walk around the village making sure there were no activities that cause crowds. Because it was feared that it would spread the virus. With this rule, I can't go outside for long time and since then, I only left the house when I wanted to buy food and daily necessities.

The only activities I went through during the pandemic were waiting for class schedules, doing homework, exercising, and relaxing alone. At home, there is no one but myself. Imagine how to live in the middle of a pandemic without having a friend to discuss with? To overcome boredom, I practiced new things that I had never done before, namely cooking. I learned cooking from Youtube and tried new recipes on the Internet. Even though the result was not as good as the chef but I feel happy doing this. This activity continues until Ramadhan arrived. In all my life, this has been the quietest month that has been passed. Because all worship activities can only be done at home.

One morning day, I felt bored with the situation that never changed, until decided to walk around to town. At that time, the atmosphere was quiet and thick fog like in a city. This silence has had an impact on the economic growth of local communities. In my village many people complain, especially traders and laborers, because their economic conditions are dwindling. Day by day, their needs are getting smaller because they can't work because of this situation. Fortunately, with the initiative of other villagers, a rotating logistical support system was created. Each resident donates funds to be used to buy the necessities of life for residents in need. In addition, since June, the government finally allowed several offices and shops to open following health protocols. I think this is very helpful, because in the end everything looks back to normal despite the social distancing.

Even though the corona virus is still a health threat. But almost all activities have returned to normal by complying with health protocols and social restrictions, especially for office workers. Although the number of corona victims has not completely stopped, at least there is hope that this virus will end. Finally, I heard the news that there is a corona vaccine for this year and the use starts from health workers and government officials. I hope that vaccination can be carried out evenly to the community soon.

This article was included in the #TantanganBlogAM2021 competition.

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